🎉【Kanazawa】Experience the special feeling of using cash! A moment to satisfy your mind and body🎉

💴In this cashless era, experience something special with cash. Health Food Studio Takano is a creative cuisine restaurant that fully supports natural grain vegetarian and vegan diets.

👪A valuable place for children to practice using cash👪

In modern society, where the opportunity to actually use cash is decreasing even though it is taught in school, Health Food Studio Takano allows children to pay safely with cash. As a valuable experience to learn the importance and usage of money, we look forward to your visit with your family.

🌍Popular with inbound tourists! The real pleasure of travel tasted with cash🌍

For travelers from overseas, taking and using local currency is a special experience that deeply engraves travel memories. At Health Food Studio Takano, fully taste the food culture of Japan and spend a memorable time on your journey.

🥗Creative cuisine that makes the most of natural food ingredients, healthy and delicious🥗

At Health Food Studio Takano, we offer creative cuisine that makes the most of seasonal natural food ingredients. It is safe for children and the elderly to eat because we do not use chemical seasonings or additives.

💖A special moment that satisfies the mind and body💖

Health Food Studio Takano strives daily to provide a special moment that satisfies the mind and body. We look forward to your visit.

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